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       Table of Contents: Volume 7, Number 1 March 2020



Africa as the Cradle of Biomedical Engineering III

Nkuma-Udah K.I.

         [Full Article - PDF]   p. 01


Case Studies and Reviews


Microbiological Quality of Packaged Bottled Water Product Sold in Ovia North East and Ovia South-West Local Government Areas of Edo State, South-South Region of Nigeria

Okafor-Elenwo E. J. and Imade O. S.

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 02-07


Effective Dose Measurement from Diagnostic Radiology Procedures in Some Nigerian Hospitals

Bamidele L. and Osahon .O. D.

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 08-14


Design and Fabrication of a Portable Obstruction Detection Device for Visually Impaired Persons

Nnadiekwe C. A., Iwuji, S.C., Azeez T.O., Nosiri, O. and Banigo, A.

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 15-24


Design of Expert System for Diagnosis of Malaria Using VB 6.0

Nkuma-Udah K. I., and Chukwudebe G.A., Ekwonwune E., Ejeta K.O. and Ndubuka G.

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 25-37


Abuja, Nigeria hosts the 3rd International Conference on Biomedical Engineering
(Conference Report of ICBME 2019)

        [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 38-41



News and Calender

News and Calendar

        [News and Calendar - PDF]   pp. 42-43

Time line for Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2020 Vol. 7 (Nos 1 - 4)
*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2020 Vol. 7 No 1  
Submission starts: January 1
First notification: February 15
Revised submission: March 7
Final notification: March 14
Camera-ready: March 21
Publication: March 31

*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2020 Vol. 7 No 2  
Submission starts: April 1
First notification: May 15
Revised submission: June 7
Final notification: June 14
Camera-ready: June 21
Publication: June 30

*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2020 Vol. 7 No 3  
Submission starts: July 1
First notification: August 15
Revised submission: September 7
Final notification: September 14
Camera-ready: September 21
Publication: September 30

*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2020 Vol. 7 No 4  
Submission starts: October 1
First notification: November 15
Revised submission: December 7
Final notification: December 14
Camera-ready: December 21
Publication: December 31


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