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       Call for Paper

Click http://www.ajmbs.abcafrican.com/paperform.php to submit paper online

The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts from the scientific community in form of original research papers, review articles, commentaries, technical and case reports, tutorials, book reviews and letters to the Editor.

We invite you to go through the Instructions for Authors below before submitting your manuscript(s)


Instruction for Authors

Authors contributing manuscripts should please note that it is essential that they prepare their manuscripts according to established specifications of the journals. This is important to avoid paper delays and to make for effectiveness of the search capabilities of the electronic delivery. It is therefore assumed that contributors have read these instructions carefully before preparing their manuscript and to ensure that their manuscript comply with these instructions before making submissions to the journals.


General Guidelines

Every manuscript submitted to African Journal of Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering and Sciences is considered on the condition that it has not been published already, not being considered for publication or in press elsewhere.

The complete text of a manuscript should be submitted as single MS Word document. The title page, abstract and keywords should be placed at the beginning of the document, with the figure legends and tables included on separate pages at the end. No footnotes, hypertext or other forms of linked materials are acceptable. Coloured figures, tables or illustrations shall be printed as black and white when the paper is accepted, unless authors shall undertake to pay the associated cost for full colour. This shall be negotiated with the publishers of the journals.


Notes on Style

In writing the manuscript:
The language of the journal is English
Each paper should include between five and ten keywords, not phrases.
Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced throughout including the references.
All authors of a paper should include their full names, affiliations, postal address, telephone and email addresses on the cover page of the manuscript; they should indicate the corresponding author.
An abstract should precede the text of the paper and should not be more than 200 words.
Every manuscript should be compiled in the following order: title page (with names, affiliations, postal address, telephone and email addresses) ; abstract; keywords; main text (divided into sections - Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion); acknowledgements; appendixes (as appropriate); references; table(s) with caption(s); figure caption (as a list).
Section headings should be numbered sequentially in numerals; and using decimals for subsections Citations within the text, tables and figures should be numbered sequentially, with numbers set in in square brackets ie. [2].
References are to be arranged in numerical order in the references section in the order in which they appeared in the text.
Website addresses should not be included as references but be inserted in the text directly after the data to which they refer.

Note the following examples of reference entries:
[1]  Mazi E.A and Nkuma-Udah K.I., 2005, Biomedical Engineering Education: A Proposed Model, Nig J Biomed Eng, 3, 3-11.
[2]  Abalaka1 M. E., Onaolapo J.A., Inabo H.I., and Olonitola O.S., 2009, Extraction of Active Components of Mormodica Charantia L (Cucurbitaceae) for Medicinal Use, Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc, 1, 38 - 44.

[1]  Onuigbo W.I.B., 2006, Academic Authorship (Nigeria: Medical Foundation Publishers).
[2]  Hill, D., 1998, Design Engineering of Biomaterials for Medical Devices (Chichester: John Wiley & Sons).

When submitting a manuscript, authors must include a cover letter to state why the paper is suitable for publication in the journal and to show that all the authors concur with the submission and the work is not published not in consideration for publication elsewhere.
When submitting a revision, authors must include a response that addresses each point raised by each reviewer.



The condition of the journal is that the copyright of articles of authors are vested in the publishers of the journal, ABC Publications Inc, Nigeria. This makes for full copyright protection and freedom to disseminate the journal to the widest readership both in print and electronic formats. Authors having need to use the material elsewhere and afterwards should obtain prior permission from ABC Publications Inc.


Offprints and Reprints

Offprints of articles published in the journal are sent to authors of the articles electronically free of charge. This is to enable authors make their final corrections (if any) before the final publications. The link to the papers of authors in the online version of the journal is also sent to them. Reprints of articles published in the journal can be obtained by contacting the publishers at info_abcpublishers@africanbiographicalcentre.com. All authors who had paid the publication fees shall be entitled to a hard copy of the journal when in print.

Click http://www.ajmbs.abcafrican.com/paperform.php to submit paper online

Time line for Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2019 Vol. 6 (Nos 1 - 4)
*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2019 Vol. 6 No 1  
Submission starts: January 1
First notification: February 15
Revised submission: March 7
Final notification: March 14
Camera-ready: March 21
Publication: March 31

*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2019 Vol. 6 No 2  
Submission starts: April 1
First notification: May 15
Revised submission: June 7
Final notification: June 14
Camera-ready: June 21
Publication: June 30

*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2019 Vol. 6 No 3  
Submission starts: July 1
First notification: August 15
Revised submission: September 7
Final notification: September 14
Camera-ready: September 21
Publication: September 30

*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2019 Vol. 6 No 4  
Submission starts: October 1
First notification: November 15
Revised submission: December 7
Final notification: December 14
Camera-ready: December 21
Publication: December 31


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